How Can I Help?

You can help make the Penn Valley Cultural Center become a reality. Gift levels come with recognition as well as our thanks! Please contact the Foundation for a personal and confidential conversation. Click on the Contact page and send an email with your thoughts or questions, or contact any board member on our PVCF Board page.


The Penn Valley Community Foundation will accept cash donations, gifts of stock or other assets, and other charitable donations and can work with donors to determine the best method to support the community center, including charitable trusts.

Our Gift Acceptance Policies are included following the volunteer information below.


To volunteer for the project by helping with:

  • Community Outreach
  • Help in the office
  • Events throughout the year
  • Serve on special committees

​Please send an email to: Mary Anne Davis:   Your help will be greatly appreciated!​

Penn Valley Community Foundation Gift Acceptance Policy
As a 501(c) 3, non-profit organization (EIN 94-3380387), the Penn Valley Community Foundation (PVCF) relies on charitable contributions to fulfill its mission. PVCF, in soliciting or accepting gifts, shall clearly represent the organization’s policies and mission which might pertain to this exchange and honor all statements about the use of the contribution. PVCF shall always disclose to potential donors any and all important and relevant information.

Every gift will be promptly acknowledged, and donors will be informed of how the gift will be recognized. Specific requests about acknowledgment will be honored consistent with PVCF’s practices and policies as noted in our business plan and as ratified by the PVCF Board. PVCF reserves the right to refuse a gift if it is determined to be in conflict with the Foundation’s mission. This policy pertains to sponsored and/or collaborating projects of PVCF.

In general:
1. Undesignated Donations – Unless otherwise designated, all donations are considered “Undesignated Donations” and go in to the General Operating Fund of the Penn Valley Community Foundation, to build, maintain, and operate the Cultural Center.

2. Designated Donations – You may designate your donation to fund any aspect(s) of the Cultural Center or the General Operating Fund of the center. These include:
i. Building Fund and specific areas within the building
ii. Program Fund (for programs presented by the Penn Valley Community
Foundation or Cultural Center)
iii. General operations of the PVCF & Cultural Center
iv. Future Expansion Fund

3. Any restricted donations are subject to board approval.

4. PVCF will not, in most cases, assume any indebtedness in connection with a gift.
a. Exceptions must be approved on a case-by-case basis by the PVCF Board.

5. Associated expenses with the conveyance of a gift made to PVCF are to be borne by the donor.

6. PVCF will assume that donors rely on their own personal advisers for tax, legal, financial and other advice concerning their gifts.

Gifts of Cash:
PVCF will accept gifts of cash to support the mission of the organization. Your contribution may be designated for a specific program or it may be left undesignated, available for meeting the Foundation’s highest priorities.

Gifts of Equipment/Furniture:
PVCF will accept gifts of new or used equipment/furniture that are determined to be of use to the Foundation. The Gift Committee shall make that determination.

Gifts of Airline Tickets or Air Miles:
PVCF will accept gifts of tickets or air miles for travel to be used by staff or board members to attend conferences/meetings as approved by the Gift Committee.

Gifts of Securities:
PVCF will accept gifts of publicly traded securities, including stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s, municipal and corporate bonds, and treasury bills and notes. PVCF staff and/or advisers will verify the ownership of the security, handle the transfer of ownership, and establish a value for deferred gift calculation purposes, as well as handle the sale, liquidation and/or investment processes related to securities. Such gifts will be reviewed by the PVCF Treasurer and such securities shall be sold immediately upon receipt.

Gifts of Real Estate:
Real estate gifts can include personal residences, rental properties, office buildings, land, and other structures. As real estate can be highly illiquid, costly to maintain, and have pre-existing conditions attached to it, any gifts of real estate will be carefully scrutinized and the decision to accept or decline the gift will be made by the Gift Committee.

The property shall be physically inspected by a representative of PVCF along with a property management consultant. The inspection is to identify any environmental, financial, legal, marketing or public relations risks, hazards or liabilities. If deemed necessary by the consultant, an environmental survey may be recommended before a gift can be accepted. The cost of the survey shall be borne by the donor. Upon review of the survey, the consultant shall recommend acceptance or declination of the gift.

Unless otherwise negotiated, gifts of property will be converted into cash at the earliest opportunity keeping in mind current market conditions and the use of property in the accomplishments of the mission of PVCF.

Gift will not be accepted that may expose PVCF to material or personal liabilities as owners of the property.

If property is encumbered by indebtedness, the donor will be requested to provide for the payment of carrying costs until the property is liquidated.

Gifts of Personal Property:
Potential contributions include art, antiques, jewelry, automobiles, etc. PVCF staff or professional advisers, when appropriate, will review the marketability, accurateness of appraisal and capabilities of PVCF to safeguard these assets until liquidation. Serious valuation problems exist in a number of proposed gifts of personal property, especially with art or other “collectibles.” Efforts must be made to obtain a bona fide appraisal or documentation of fair market value before the gift can be accepted.

Gifts of Life Insurance:
A gift of life insurance is a simple way to make a significant gift to PVCF and ensure the ongoing vital work of PVCF. “Whole” or “universal” life insurance often has cash value and can be donated to a charitable organization. The donor would receive a tax deduction for the replacement cost of the paid up policy at the time of donation, not for the face value of the life insurance.

If the policy requires continuing premium payments, the donor can continue paying those premiums and get a tax deduction for each payment if it is done in the following manner:
gift the policy to PVCF, who then becomes the owner of the policy. The donor then makes annual donations in the amount of the annual premium costs to PVCF, who then pays the policy. The donor then receives a tax deduction for every contribution for the premium payment.

Donors can also purchase a new policy, naming PVCF as the beneficiary. The premiums and tax benefits would work exactly as listed in the above paragraph.

When planning a gift of life insurance, it is important to consult your own personal tax and legal advisors.

For more information, please contact the PVCF office: 530-432-3527