About PVCF

The primary goals of the Penn Valley Community Foundation are as follows:

To promote the building of a new Cultural Center in Penn Valley to include an expanded Penn Valley County Library and that will serve as a center for community activities for Penn Valley residents and as a destination for the greater Grass Valley area for social, recreational activities, and arts performances.

To facilitate the design of a building that will encourage visitation to the Penn Valley area which will in turn support economic development by encouraging business activity for local shop owners, restaurants and other businesses.

To preview the renderings of the building, click on Images.

To ensure that the Cultural Center is a financially viable enterprise by encouraging financial contributions from local businesses and individuals and by raising funds from foundations and businesses outside the region. In addition, this financial viability will be enhanced by events staged by the Penn Valley Cultural Center and by encouraging volunteerism to support the operation of the Cultural Center.

To raise funds to support the development and operation of the Cultural Center, including the possibility of an operating endowment fund.

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